Thank you for looking at our website. By the time you've gotten this far I assume you're serious about your health concerns. Healthcare decisions are some of the most important decisions you'll ever have to make. At Hall Chiropractic Office we are dedicated to helping you reach your optimal health potential. We are committed to our patients whether it involves taking care of your needs in our office or referring you to another healthcare specialist. Our goal is to provide affordable quality healthcare and as our patient we will do everything we can to help you.

I was raised knowing the benefits of chiropractic care. My father was a chiropractor and I've been under chiropractic care my entire life. I'm the sixth Palmer Chiropractic College graduate in my family. I graduated from Palmer in March of 1986 and began practicing in Kenosha in October of 1986.

We also provide massage therapy, physical therapy, custom foot orthotics, supports and braces, stretches, exercises, lifestyle and workplace considerations, and we offer whole food vitamins and mineral supplements.

You'll find our office to be comfortable and friendly. Or staff have years of experience together and I'm confident you will be pleased with the quality of care you will receive from us.

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Yours in Health,
Dr. Jeffrey W. Hall